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CDC Travel Information CDC Travel Information is brought to you by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It has very useful health advice for international travelers.

City.Net Destinations City.Net destination is part of Excite Travel. You can find general information, travel advisories and related sites about the destination you plan to go.

Fodor's Travel Online Fodor's is an experienced guidebook publisher, and you can find tons of information on the website. If you like to take pictures on the trip, take a look at their Focus on Photography, the tips are really wonderful.MY FAVORITE

Lonely Planet on-line The name of each category on Lonely Planet on-line is confusing, but the content of the site is rich. Try Optic Nerve, the photograps are very interesting.MY FAVORITE

MapQuest This site not only provides free travel maps and driving directions, you can get details on rated hotels and restaurants from the travel guide as well. Learn about city information, find out 5 day weather forecasts, and locate the city's attractions, while you are at it.MY FAVORITE

Microsoft You have to become a member to get access to their free travel service. The best part is you can compare hotel prices online, it can save you lots of money and time. It's National Geographic's Web site. There are lots of great travel articles and fabulous maps, but the photos are not as wonderful as those in the publication.

The Universal Currency Converter This website is very useful when you travel to another country. It's easy to get a foreign currency quote and it's free.

The Weather Channel Before you go on a trip, you had better check this site and find out the latest weather forecast.

Travelocity Travelocity contains a lot of free travel information, in order to use the services, you have to register as a member. The fare watcher e-mail is very helpful, if you have to fly between the city pairs you choose constantly.

Journeywoman This is a online travel magazine for women who love to travel. It provides safety tips, women's travel tales, cyberboard, etc.

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Montreal CAM The website is providing you with an opportunity to discover 10 tourist sites in Greater Montreal. It is captured live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by cameras connected to the Internet. It's fun!

Montreal Official Tourist Information Web Site Montreal Official Tourist Information Web Site has complete information for tourists. They provide full range of accommodations to suit your and taste and budget. It is very helpful.

Quebec tourist guide This website is a good start to explore the beauty of Quebec area.

Tourism Toronto Tourism Toronto is an official website of Toronto Convention & Visitors Association. Check it out before you go to Toronto.

Musee Rodin (Rodin Museum) The garden in the Rodin Museum is fantastic. If you like Auguste Rodin and his work, come and visit the website. You may find more information than you expect.

Parisnet Paris is one of the most famous destinations in the world. Before you head for Paris, the site can give you some helpful hints. It has old post cards exhibited for postcard lovers.

The Paris Pages You can find cultural activities and tourist guides in this website. There are some interesting setions, for example, Maps of Paris and Paris by Ticket. Enjoy your stay!

Taiwan Tourism Bureau This is a multi-lingual website which contains Chinese, Japanese and English versions. You can browse the section of Attractions carefully, or use Quick Guide to get a general impression of Taiwan.

TAIWAN TOUR INFORMATION The website not only provides general information on big cities in Taiwan, but also gives tourists a choice to explore special routes in rural areas. The content of Chinese version is a little different from English version.

Travel in Taiwan Travel in Taiwan is Authorized by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, ROC. It presents various aspects of Taiwan in English.

Harvard Square Harvard Square has very detailed information around every corner in Harvard Square, Boston, Massachusetts. It benefits people who live there, and is good for tourists as well.

Hudson Valley Network Hudson Valley Network not only provides information for tourists, but also becomes a bridge between local communities. The categories range from personal ads to worthwhile tourism destinations.

Live Baltimore Marketing Center You can find detailed descriptions of Baltimore Attractions and Events here. You can send a virtual postcard from here as well.

National Aquarium in Baltimore National Aquarium in Baltimore is the best aquarium I have ever seen. This website provides lots of useful information about animals and environmental conservation.

newyork.sidewalk Are you afraid to get lost in the Big Apple? newyork.sidewalk provides a detailed tourguide that would help you to enjoy your stay.

San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau This is the official visitor and convention information source of San Francisco. It is designed to provide comprehensive information and assistance for planning your next visit.

Saratoga Online It has comprehensive informations on Saratoga Springs, New York.

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