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Create a postcard website:
123Greetings Interface Program This website provides a remotely hosted postcard script. You don't need to write the program for having a greeting site. It's free.

All-Yours Digital Postcards All-Yours Digital Postcards provide a free program to add a customized Postcard system to your website. They support different languages, music and layouts.MY FAVORITE

Bravenet You can customize the cards' background images, texts, main images and music. They host the cgi program on their server for free.

Cybergreet.Net This website has two options for hosting postcard program. You can choose the free service or use their premium service for $35 a month.

i-Depth i-Depth can provide a fee-based postcard program. You can sign up and get a one week free trial.

MouseCard MouseCard is a remotely-hosted CGI program that processes your form of postcard and sends the postcard to the recipients. It's simple but free. has four different featured programs to suit your varied needs for pursuing a postcard website. The basic service is free for personal sites.MY FAVORITE

Neon Pages This is a fee-based remote program, you can get a price quote from e-mail.

TCM Online The program that TCM provides can help you to make an easy postcard website. It has very simple and clear instructions. It's free, too.

Zal Greetings Card The website provides a template and postcard program for free.

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Postcard collections:
Jim Mehrer's Postal History This site provides useful information for postcard collections, which include postal history, collectors' supplies, reference literature, and show calendars.

The Postcard Traders Association The Postcard Traders Association is a UK based website. It aims to supply information on all aspects of postcards to a wider audience.

Web-Pac Antiques, Postcards, Ephemera, & Collectibles WebRing It provides a free way of cross linking sites created by dealers or collectors, about collectibles, and of interest to collectors in a circular electronic ring.

Postcard history:
PostcardGuide Japan This is a bilingual (Japanese/ English) website. It focuses on postcard collecting in Japan, but it also has some helpful information for postcard lovers.

Shiloh Postcards This page contains a brief history of postcards and types of postcards.

Postcard service:
1001 Postcards 1001 postcards is made by some UCLA graduates. It's totally free. The most interesting part is their animated postcards. Try one if you like.

Blue Mountain Arts It's a famous animated and musical postcard website, and has tons of free electronic postcards. Blue Mountain Arts has some unusual categories, if you can't find a proper category in other website, maybe you should try here.MY FAVORITE

CDX Music E-Card The free music e-card is provided by AcerMall. It only has Chinese interface. You need a real audio player to hear the songs.

Chinese Cyber City Post Office There are some animated postcards made for Chinese Festival. You must be a resident to send a card. It's free to become a member.

Corbis Card Gallery Corbis offers a half-million images that can be converted to free postcards. You can do a word search to find images that fit what you are looking for, or choose from the collections. MY FAVORITE

E-greetings E-greetings let you send dynamic e-mail with their service. It costs 50 cents per recipient, but you can find some freebies on the website.

Hallmark Connections Electronic Greetings This service is hosted by Hallmark. You can choose to send a free greeting card or an animated one. The later will cost $2.50 each, but the benefit is you can send an e-mail with animation and sound.

iCard Center This is a Hong-kong based bilingual (Chinese and English) postcard website. It is open to the public, completely free of charge. MY FAVORITE

Kodak Picture This The service is created by Eastman Kodak Company. You can choose a postcard from various themes, or register as a member to use your own pictures for free. They also have multimedia postcards.MY FAVORITE presents this service, you can send free postcards here. The most useful feature of this website is Reminder Service. It's free, too.

The Electronic Postcard You can find a lot of famous paintings and photographs in this website. It's free.

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