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Postcards As Face to Face explores personal communication with technology. As a foreign student of integrated Electronic Arts program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, studying in the States has been a long journey for me. Long distance communication became an obvious challenge, because it's hard to maintain relationships by using traditional communication media such as the telephone and snail mail. This project is a work that expresses the struggle to adapt to new environments and technologies.

The Industrial Revolution improved the production and transportation of goods, expanded people's physical mobility, and changed the way of living. The Information Revolution will trigger a similar transformation, widening a person's universe of potential relationships within the electronic realm. Being able to collaborate with others and bridging time and space should expand the ways we feel involved and needed, but having machines mediate human interactions will also interject a degree of isolation among people.

In the Postcards As Face to Face installation project, there are three parts: electronic postcards (WWW), mass-produced postcards and handmade postcards. My main intention is to make the differences between new and traditional communication media visible, and point out these differences. Viewers of the installation can compose and send postcards to others electronically and traditionally; they also can browse my postcard collections in chronological order.

Chien-chun Tsao
Chien-chun Tsao
November 1, 1998

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