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This is an index of the words that are related to the project.

As face to face:
As face to face translated into English is "as face to face." It's an expression used in letters between brothers, close friends or married couples in Chinese. I chose the words as the title to represent my intentions of this project and emphasize the eagerness to be face to face.

Postal card: A card officially stamped and issued by the government for use in the mail. In Taiwan, the governmental postal cards are widely used to claim a prize in a lottery, join a product promotion, and keep up a correspondence. In the United States, the post office issues postal cards, and publishers use them to print designs and advertising messages. The postal cards in the states were especially used before 1898.

Postcard: A small card that can be mailed without an envelope, usually having a picture on one side and space for a message, address, and stamp on the other. It could be mailed by itself as a mailed message or souvenir. In China, we call it Chinese postcard, which emphasizes its feature of "open letter". In Japanese, Japanese postcardrepresents the postcards.Japanese postcardcan be read as "leaf book" in Chinese. It's one of the reasons that I use the images of leaves to decorate the website.

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